3 Key Things to Remember If You’re Buying a Property in Chennai

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Chennai is one of the fastest-growing cities in India.? This fast growth is credited to the presence of both the renowned educational centers as well as the multinational companies. Given this, a lot of people are migrating to Chennai and also planning to settle permanently.? But before buying the flat in Chennai, consider these 3 points.

1. The Reputation of the builder

The growth of a huge number of IT firms is going to create numerous job opportunities for the fresh talent out of college. Pertaining to this, there are numerous residential projects mushrooming in Chennai. The developers roll out lucrative offers to enhance their property sale in Chennai.? In numerous cases, it has been seen that as soon as the new flat in Chennai is purchased, the builder troubles the customers a lot, by not handling over the flat in time and creating similar other issues. So, when considering a property to buy in Chennai, one should first research a bit about the reputation of the builder.

2. The Exact Area of the Flat

Another strategy that has been quite popular when it comes to accelerating the property sale in Chennai is quoting a huge area of the new flat. However, the exact built-up area of the flat varies on paper. So, when buying the new flat in Chennai do cross check the exact area before making the down payment.

3. Location and Connectivity to Overall City

Given the vast expanse of the city, it is essential that you select the location very carefully. The residential complex right in the heart of the city will be quite costly. But at the same time, selecting a flat to buy in Chennai that is located in the outskirts may not have great connectivity to the basic facilities like healthcare, entertainment retail etc.

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