Why Buying a Home Close to Your Workplace is Beneficial?

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Information Technology (IT) ranks fifth in India among the largest industries and has a great growth potential. In a fast-developing city like Chennai which is conservative, extremely diversified and multilingual. Chennai is rapidly growing and this rapid change is visible, the information technology (IT) is playing a major role in the micro-market pockets of OMR (old Mahabalipuram road) places such as Siruseri, western part of Chennai such as Ambattur and Oragadam. East coast road (ECR) and Velachery in the southern part are also becoming preferred destinations for real estate growth and investment. The infrastructure initiatives such as, outer ring road, inner ring road, MRTS and metro increase the connectivity and accessibility to various parts of the region. The market is an end user market which results in a steady growth and is full of potential growth.

Anyone who finds a new job will be ready to travel long distances and for any amount of time, but in the long run, the fruits borne are going to be sour and not sweet, travelling time to work in the long run according to medical experts is not advisable.

Time is valuable, saving it makes sense. Our daily chores also determines the amount of time taken to finishing them, living near the workplace makes more sense, hope anyone will agree to this.

What, living close to your workplace does to you?

  • Saves time
  • Spend more time with your loved ones
  • Keeps you fit and above all you can
  • Stay away from Climatic conditions
  • Be like a captain cool


How does it save time?

Time once spent, cannot be earned back

Relating this with a day to day scenario of a person who is employed as an IT professional in the information technology industry, travels to work from a neighbourhood of Chennai and travels to Siruseri IT Park for work.

The journey takes at least one or one and a half hour approximately one way and it’s the same amount of time it takes for you return home.

If a person has to report for shift by 8 am in the morning.? Looking at it, from the time factor point of view, the person has to be at the pickup point by 6 am, that means he has to be up by 5 am, he works on his shift for 8 hours or even more as the workload demands and the deadlines have to be met.

In a day of 24 hours

  • Time taken for travel = 4 hours
  • Shift time = 9 hours
  • To be up and proceed to the pickup point = 1 hour
  • Time spent on sleep = 8 hours

Total = 22 hours, only 4 hours is left in a day.

Now we can arrive to a conclusion how much time will be left for anyone to socialize and spend time with family and friends. This is the hard hitting truth behind the situation of anyone who stays far away from the workplace.


The consumption of fuel is increasing at an alarming rate according to the records of statistical reviews. At least 3.4 Kl per day is used and increasing day by day. It’s high time the usage of individual transport is limited and the initiative has to be taken from the individuals who are using this kind of transport. We can opt various methods to cut down the individual mode of transport and all depends on one factor, and that is you should stay close your work place. Living near your place of work is the only solution.


Petrol cost is keep increasing in India


As mentioned earlier, take in the case of an IT professional travelling from the heart of the city to Siruseri IT park, the time taken for travel from a place to Siruseri, IT park takes an easy one to one and a half hours by public transport or if you travel by two or four wheeler it takes more or less the same time.

The bottlenecks are mainly at Tidel Park, Sholinganallur and a few junctions. In a day at least two to three hours easily is taken for travelling to and fro.

Finding a job and earning from it, is to be happy. Finding a job is not in your hands but you have the choice where to live. Travelling long distance is when you live far from your workplace.

Cost Saving Formula:

Save 5 hours/day, Rs.11,700/ per month – and buy a flat / apartment

The rising prices of fuel basically fossil fuel, the wastage of it increases day by day one major reason for this is the vehicles and mostly used for transport.

The cost of travel = cost of petrol is Rs.195/- (26 Km one way by car)

Both ways = Rs.390/- Per Month = 390 x 30 = Rs.11, 700/- expense only for your travel

Rent for a 2 BHK flat is Rs.11, 000/-


We all agree with this proverb – Health is wealth,

The actual time for travel to work and the health issues associated with that are never complimenting to your health.

Physical activity definitely improves your health and reduces the risk of developing several diseases in addition it also improves your immunity

Lack of physical activity leads to other complications and health related issues such as the blood pressure, diabetes, coronary heart disease, depression, stress and back problems.

Researches have found that a person who works ?

  • less than 8 hours – Less Risk
  • 8 to 10 increases the risk by 42%
  • 8 to 10 and more increased the risk by 63% of coronary heart disease.

Exercise and physical activity has an immediate effect and long-term effects on health.

Whoever is reading this is bound to ask this question,

Where do we have time for all this? The answer is very simple, just live close to your place of work.

It takes a maximum of half an hour to 60 minutes and it can be very easy possible for this. Instead of spending hours travelling to work and acquiring all the disease, it’s better to work and stay close to where you work and stay healthy.

Benefits of regular jogging and swimming:

  • Induce muscle strength
  • Healthy heart muscles
  • Total body work out
  • Builds strength, endurance and stamina.

The money you earn increases your financial status and your career graph. It is going up, but if you look at your health condition, is it actually moving upwards at the same pace as your career graph.

Travelling long distance to work actually increases health issues, mostly stress-related, and affects your performance at work also.

People who commute to work from short distances have the ability to concentrate more and definitely their levels are far better, than the ones who travel long distances to work, especially driving, is associated with pressure and mood swings. Even if you go by public transport, you may have to face the same due to waiting time, crowd, rush etc.., When you buy a villa or apartment close to your office can get you time to stay healthy. Otherwise you will end up in paying both EMIs and Medicines.


Chennai is hot, warm and sweltering. The use of transport also decides the level of comfort this also contributes to what you are spending every month. Living far away in the heart of the city does not have any benefit the money spent on your commuting or transport will be more than compared to the comforts you enjoy.

No matter what, you must wait minimum 15-20 mins during peak hours.

The benefits of living far away can be very negligible compared to that of living close to the workplace at the end the day, all the comforts and luxury you have at home, cannot be actually utilized, because you are travelling a lot of the distances each and every day and the time spent at home is very less. The equation is very simple.

Buy a property with in 5 KMs + Save time+ Travel less = Happy +Healthy Life


Emergency: don?t get scared

Traffic hazard is the main problem we face during long distance travelling to workplace, the number of accidents on Indian roads have risen. Chennai leads the number of accidents, caused on roads, the vehicular traffic and civic sense of the drivers is also responsible. The reason the travel long distance increasing restlessness and stress.

Emergency it’s nothing to be scared of, but handled as a crisis situation, Situations like these can be dealt with an efficient manner, if the access to your home isminutes away, rather than far away. It’s easier to handle rather scared getting of.

You cannot reach home in case of an emergency if you leave from work place in case of an emergency a lot of hurdles are on the way for you to reach your destination which is your home, a day to day scenario we can see daily, on roads is that, we can see ambulances stuck at just caught in the middle of inching traffic.


Property builders in Chennai are smart enough to launch residential projects very close to the IT related micro markets pockets. They are launching projects on various segments such as luxury, affordable, and mid-size segments. They are also coming up with projects which have facilities inside the compound. So, you don’t have to go far for chores like buying grocery, medicines from medical store or just to have a cup of coffee, there are facilities in and around the residential projects like health, educational institutions, entertainment and places of worship.Buy a property near your office.
Buy a happy dream house from Isha Home.

The benefits of living close to workplace definitely has various benefits like witnessing a remarkable difference in health, reduces the anxiety of travelling long distances every day and improves the quality of life. You can spend a lot time with your family. Buy a property, Stay closer and live happily.

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