Benefits of Investing in luxury gated community villas in Chennai

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When you are thinking about property investment, there are many questions that lurk around your mind. One of the primary questions is regarding the city where you are looking to invest in. If you are taking a look at Chennai properties then you are planning it right! In the last few years, Chennai has come up as a lucrative property investment area. It is placed among the top 5 cities to invest in India. Now, the second question is: what type of property would remain high on resale value and comfort? Well, an independent villa for sale in Chennai fits both these buckets perfectly. Now, you may counter me – why then are apartments most selling property type in Chennai? Well, my answer would be – not everyone drives around in a Mercedes, there are people who settle for much less! So, if you want to have an utterly comfortable living then independent villa for sale in Chennai is your perfect property type. Well, not yet satisfied? Okay, then read through the below points and you will understand the worth of investing in independent villas in Chennai.


The gradual rise of population has its own maladies. And Chennai metropolitan area is already more polluted, noisy and crowded than it ever was. Not the ideal place to settle down with your family, right? After a tiring day at work, you want to go to a home with plenty of greenery and far from the honking of cars. And guess what, the independent villas in Chennai offer you a chance to attain just this. Strategically speaking, the villas are mostly located on the outskirts of the city and that makes them more spacious and pristine than the usual apartment complexes you find in the busy city centre. If you care for a high quality of life then villas in the outskirts of Chennai should be a great choice.


One of the concerns that might have cropped up in your mind already, is regarding the availability of key amenities. When you think about the outskirts of any major city, the lack of amenities is the primary concern for property investors. But, in the recent years, the Tamil Nadu government has put in extra efforts to develop the city?s outskirts. As a result, you get the best of both worlds by residing in the laid back outskirts of Chennai. You would have a shopping area, educational institutions and healthcare facilities, within a few kilometres of your residential property. New roads are being constructed even in the most remote areas, to fast-track traffic to the city. Metro services are also expanding beyond the city?s limits.


If you are looking for villas or even researching about it, it means you care for a comfortable living. Apartments with their space restrictions are not a particular favourite for you. And rightly so, villas ooze in all the comforts needed for a comfy modern day living. Moreover, unlike apartments, owning a villa gives you endless customization options. You can decorate the rooms and acreage just as you want to. And there are wonders you can perform with your creative mindset.


Villas truly empower you to live a grand life. You are not sharing any facilities or spaces with the other residents. It is a property that only belongs to you. So, if you are wary of waiting for the elevator or sharing a common terrace, then the villas are your best choice. Unlike an apartment, you can have your own good looking garden in front of the villa. You can set up a small play area and a swing where you can enjoy some moments of siesta. Only thing that you share with all the other neighbours is regarding security. Today, even the villa compounds come with their stringent security settings and these have to be paid for on a shared basis.


As mentioned before, there are endless customizations possible when you purchase a villa. You have a large canvas to play with. Every homeowner wants to infuse the personal touches to the residential property and the villas allow ample scopes for the same. You can design each and every corner of the property as per your personal tastes. From the rooms to exterior features, you can choose the designs that fit your tastes the best and create a wow-factor among the onlookers.


Well, this is also a very important criteria to check before you invest in any property type. While the apartments have highest resale acceptance in Chennai?s property market, the villas are not too far behind. As the per capita income of the residents in Chennai is increasing with the overall growth of the city, many luxury minded settlers are looking for second hand and ready to move in an independent villa for sale in Chennai. The resale value for villas in Chennai remains quite high when compared to some other cities in India. This would help you reap a good profit from the future resale of your villa.

Apart from these above mentioned features, GST implementation has led to a significant dip in the real estate rates of India. You can also use the readily available loan schemes to afford a villa in Chennai. Such factors are leading to a rise in the sales of independent villas in Chennai.

When you are after a dream home in the city of Chennai, villas are a good choice on all accounts. They present a standard of living that would make you feel proud of your decision to invest in such a property type. Villas are far from the cramped and shared living spaces that you have in apartments. They give you a lot of independence and privacy, which are vital components for leading a good life. So, are you looking for a villa in Chennai? Well, there are great properties that you may select among. Embrace the good living with a villa purchase in Chennai!

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