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Main checklist before taking possession of your new apartment / home

Buying a new house in Chennai or an apartment is not a joy that you can experience on a day to day basis. From planning a location to verifying documents, there are many steps to buying a home of your choice. While some construct the new home according to their customised requirements, some people look out for credible builders like Isha Homes to buy a new house in Chennai. To help people like you onboard into a new home and experience the joy without any hassle, here we have curated a list of prepossession tips. So, what is prepossession? As soon as a builder advises you to onboard into the home and request that the paid owners resume their living in the new house, this phase is apparently known as the prepossession stage.

Here is the list of prepossession tips for a new home buyer in Chennai :

1. Crack Analysis

Cracks are one of the significant factors to look into before onboarding the new house in Chennai. Though cracks seem to be a common issue, cracks in halls and bedrooms need to be inspected carefully as they can lead to early damage to your new home. If the cracks are visible in any part of your new home, contact your builders as soon as possible to fix the issue. Most builders prefer to rectify the issues before possession as it would be tedious to resolve the problems after possession with all household things.

2. Amenities Inspection for new house in Chennai

The construction time for building any apartment in Chennai takes a considerable time, and people who desire to buy a home often pay at the earliest to book the apartment at the required floor and the direction. While the construction process is in full swing, builders promise to provide you with 10 or 20 or 30+ amenities. During the possession stage, one should note down all the amenities available and compare them with the amenities list the builders promised you earlier. The list of amenities includes a lift, gym, indoor halls, security 24*7, bore well water, and rainwater harvesting. Our Isha Santhosham project is in the possession stage, and all the amenities mentioned here are available in our project.

3. Fittings & Wall Coatings

In the possession stage of your new house in Chennai, inspecting all the features and fittings mentioned by your builder is vital. The fittings to be checked include doorknobs, electric boxes, and bathroom showers & taps. In addition to this, you should also check the brands of each fitting as assured by the builder.

Paints, wall coatings and interiors are also one of the prime factors to inspect before onboarding to the new apartment. Many builders tend to leave the wall with a single paint coat to lose its shine in a quick span. Hence, it is recommended to check the walls for dual coating, and the finishing is done aptly. The gates and grills in the new building should also be inspected for proper finishing. To be safer, one should also check for ceiling fan assembly provision.

4. Drainage Facility

Everyone knows how vital it is to have an organised drainage system to lead to a healthy life in the new home. Clogged outlets are one of the prominent issues that people encounter in new homes or apartments. Therefore, during the possession stage, it is recommended to inspect that drainage outlets in bathrooms, balconies, utility areas, and the kitchen are functioning properly and not clogged.

Checking toilet taps, kitchen taps, and bathroom fittings are imperative in a new apartment. Most significantly, they should work without leakage while closing and opening taps. Besides, make sure that the sink in your kitchen is installed properly and the used water flows through the hole properly. If you find any leakages, then it is the right time to address this concern with your builder before shifting your things to the new home for living.

5. Plumbing & Miniature Circuit Breaker for house warming

Though water falls through taps seamlessly, it is vital to inspect the water pressure from the taps to make sure it is at the required optimum level. So, what happens if the pressure is not set at the required bar? You will need to wait for more time for water to be filled in the required vessels from the tap. So, it is vital to resolve this issue at the earliest.

When there is a short circuit or overload in your apartment’s electrical circuit, the miniature circuit board will potentially save your apartment’s electrical appliances from damage and also from short circuits. Therefore, it is vital to inspect the functionality of the MCB and see whether it is fitted aptly in your apartment.

6. Windows and Doors

As a new home buyer in Chennai, carefully examining the doors and windows of the apartment/home is as vital as looking at Vastu compliance. Before possession, you should check for the dimension of doors and windows as mentioned in the planning document. If you find any intricate holes or cracks on the holes, inform your builder at the earliest. Many people experience their doors and windows not being closed smoothly, or the latches don’t open and close properly.

You should also check for proper air circulation to lead a healthy lifestyle in your dream new house in Chennai. In order to stay healthy, air circulation and sunlight should be at home, especially in the kitchen, living rooms and bedrooms. At the same time, too much sunlight in the rooms can possibly bring negative impacts. Hence, you should properly inspect the home before possession. If your apartment has sliding doors, it needs to be examined, and defects need to be brought to the builder’s attention at the earliest.

7. Safety Features for new home buyers in Chennai

Builders need to ensure that the apartment is built in accordance with the protocols set by the government, including rainwater harvesting and fire control options. Especially in the kitchen, the piped gas lines should be examined twice for proper functioning. In addition, CCTV cameras are to be placed at the required places as mentioned in the plan. If you don’t find CCTV cameras, it is high time to raise a red flag to the builder to ensure fitting at the required places. Besides, there are many other safety features to be ensured as per the guidelines prescribed by the government. At Isha homes, we follow all the protocols to make sure our customers experience a serene living in their new apartment/home.

8. Documents Inspection for new home buyers in Chennai

Documents verification is one of the critical factors to look into before the new house possession. It is recommended to receive all the original and copies of mandatory documents from the builder before receiving the keys of the apartment/home. Besides, you need to make sure the respective individuals and government officials duly sign the documents. The legal documents to examine include the sale deed, share certificate, sanction plans, society documents, encumbrance and no objection certificate. In addition to this, you need to ensure that the apartment/home is registered in the correct name.

Are you interested to know more about house possession for new home buyers in Chennai? Contact our team; they will help you find the best property for your needs.


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