Buying a House vs Renting a House: What’s Better for You?

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1.One-time Investment

Buying your own house is a one-time investment, not only in terms of money, but in terms of creating fixed assets. When you stand in rent a house, you can’t predict in advance how long your stay is going to be in that house. For multiple reasons, you may have to shift to a new house and the shifting process leads to the wastage of time, damage of goods as well as money.

The fact that Chennai has gone through a major evolution in the socio-economic and educational sector in the last few years, is not concealed from anyone. Due to this reason, the demand for properties has significantly risen in Chennai. As a result, prices are expected to only hike in the future, material prices also increases day by day. Hence increases in the price of houses are investable. So, before it’s too late, make a smart decision by buying a property in Chennai.

2. Security and Stability

Sometimes, you have to leave the rented house unwantedly due to the reasons like termination of your contract before time or some issue with the landlord. So, it can be interpreted that a rented house doesn’t offer you much security and stability. Contrarily, buying your own house assures you complete security and stability, without the intervention of any third person. Things go according to you, you are your boss. If you have a nuclear family and a limited budget, buying a 2bhk flat in Chennai is always a wise decision to make. The flat not only offers you a permanent address, but also gives you a chance to acknowledge a sense of security and stability.

3. Higher Returns on Resale

The business of real estate is being carried out on a large scale. As a result, the value of the property continues to fluctuate. So, the value of your house can rise in the future which on selling, will give you more money than you paid at the time of buying it.

A group of property developers in Chennai has confessed that the existing prices of properties in Chennai are most likely to experience a rise in the coming future. So, the deal has nothing in it to reject. The property that you buy today, will prove financially advantageous to you as long as you have possession or ownership of that property.

4. Popularity of Community living

The popularity of community living has been significantly rising in this age of exponential industrialization as everyone has become more conscious about their safety and comfort. And, we all know, the benefits that come along with a gated community to the residents living there, be it in the form of apartments or villas.

Currently, we are working on two main projects, namely, “Isha Code Field” and “Isha Anandham”. The project, “Isha Code Field” is dedicated towards the construction of best villas in Chennai, offering you all the facilities of community living. The villas promise you reliability along with durability and work magnificently when it comes to giving the billionaire vibes to the residents. Isha Anandham one of the best affordable housing project close to the city

Both projects are in ready to take possession stage.

5. Fixation of Expenses

“Money Flies”, the phrase has been truly saying. With every passing day, our expenses are only increasing. And, the expenses are more likely to increase when we rent a house as there’s nothing as “fixed” in the monthly rentals that one has to pay. The tenant experiences a hike in the rental amount periodically, leading to uncertainty about the monthly expenditure that he has to incur.

But, buying a house, leads to the fixation of one’s monthly expenses as you are aware of the EMI that you’ve to pay for every month. So, accordingly, you can plan the budget for every month. And, the EMI won’t cost you much as there are many low budget builders in Chennai, serving your dream houses at a reasonable price.

6. Sense of Pride

Have you ever felt a sense of pride in a rented house?

Apparently, no. You can never experience the same sense of pride in a rented house that you do in your own house, no matter how big or small it is. No one except for, you can set the bar for how things will function inside the house. You are free to do anything as the house belongs entirely to you. In fact, your name on the address plate says it all.

So, what’s stopping you to invest in a real estate company in Chennai? Get your hands on the apartments for sale in Chennai, an ongoing project of Isha Homes named, “Isha Anandham”. The apartments are being constructed with a view of providing you with a higher comfortable & the best connectivity of the place of living at the price that suits you best.

7. Budget-friendly Houses

Planning a budget aids us having an abstract idea about all the anticipated expenses. And, no one is unknown to the fact that buying a house is a huge expense that has to be made after considering every related factor. So, what if you get a standard house on your budget?

Yes, you read it right. Isha Homes is keen about bringing smiles on your faces by offering you a chance to buy low-budget houses in Chennai that are well-equipped in every desirous way, situated at a friendly location. So, don’t let this deal go away from your hands as the deal is worth making.

8. New Home is Always The Best

Do you really get offered an apartment in a recently-built building when you go for renting one?

The probability of getting an apartment for rent in a new building is fairly low. The majority of the times, you will always get offered an apartment in an old building when you are seeking an apartment to rent. And, the condition of those apartments as well as the building is not up to the mark. They look quite old and lack maintenance. The standard of living does not get offered to you and your family in those apartments. Therefore, a new home in a new building is always the best.

To offer you the apartments in a newly-built building, we are a group of best builders in Chennai with a special focus towards the latest house trends. We understand our responsibility and hereby, stand by our work by giving assurance to you to fix your problem in the minimum amount of time in the case of any inconvenience with your new house.

9. Simplification of Taxation

We all are obliged to pay a certain amount of tax every year, based on our total annual income, commonly known as income tax. And, if you have taken a home loan for the purchase of your dream house, you get multiple benefits when it comes to paying taxes.

The amount of the tax that you have to pay on your annual income gets deducted from the total amount of property tax, plus the total interest given on a home loan during a particular financial year. So, when taking a home loan, you need not worry about the payment of interest value.

10. Expansion of Social Circle

When you live in a rented apartment, the people in your neighbourhood know you by the name of your landlord. You don’t get a proper opportunity to mix up or to socialize with your neighbours, which is not the case when you live in your own house.

Buying your own house gives you a fair opportunity to socialize with your neighbours, leading to the expansion of your social circle. And, as it is said “neighbours are your first family”, they are the people you go to before your actual blood family, at the time of hardships. They lessen the intensity of your hardships and make your happy times, the happiest.


Leaving behind the money-spending factor on one side, buying a house is always a better option than renting one. It is an addition to your existing assets and the value of this asset is never going to depreciate, it will only appreciate with time. Not only this, but it also provides you with other advantages like safety, stability and a sense of pride as a reciprocate to the possession of your new house.

Even when the whole world betrays you, your house is something, that is never going to betray you, no matter how hard the circumstances are. You’ll always feel protected and loved within those four walls. So, without giving it a second thought, do invest in a house as it has many things to offer you. Remember, buying a house can be expensive, but is an investment for a lifetime.

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