Top 10 Factors for Choosing the Best Villa Builder in Chennai

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Purchasing a villa in Chennai is a huge investment decision. There is a lifetime of savings in question here. So, you do not want to err. One of the most important considerations before investing in a villa is to make sure that you are choosing the right builder. Preferably choose a regional developer so that accessibility is easy.? Be cautious and informed from the builder about the status of inner roads. Some builders are developing villas and are alloting an undivided share of land but it is better to get divided plot villa as development is more effective.

In the later stage, it will be easy to dispose of and you can get individual patta. A quick search in Google would quickly tell you about the top builders in the locality. But this machine information is not always most reliable, as paid ads have ruined the impartiality of online information. With the rise in demand for villas in Chennai, many cases of fraud and unfair trade practices have also become commonplace. A recent study found that 8 out of 10 property buyers in India have to suffer due to unfair practices by the builder. So, the choice of the best villa builder in Chennai should be done after much research. We would like to help you find the best villa builder in Chennai with some simple tips.


The first important decision for you as a luxury villa buyer is to set a pre-fixed budget. This will help you shortlist the builders. How? Well, every builder has a different trait. Some villa builders are known to offer comprehensive luxury within a comparatively low budget. But then there are others who never compromise with the quality of their construction for the sake of a few bucks. Then there are others who specialize in delivering beautiful properties. So, once you decide on your budget, it would be easier to shortlist a few from dozens of builders.


You do not want to be stuck in a limbo after investing so heavily in a villa purchase. In India, it is a normal practice for the builders to fail their project completion deadline. If they delay the delivery date by 1-2 months, it would be bearable. What if the project is delayed by a year or more? You are stuck in no man?s land then. One good way of avoiding this discomfort would be to check the track record of the builder in Chennai. You may pay a visit to some of their recently completed projects and question some homeowners at random about the delays or timeliness of the project completion. This would further help you streamline the search for best villa builder in Chennai.


Most of the villa constructions in progress at the moment in Chennai are happening in the outskirts of the mega city. So, it is very important to research about the location of the project. During your meeting with the builder there might be tall promises made, but reality might be far from the picture depicted. Many builders use the Chennai metro extension plans as a pitch for their sales. There are others who would tell you about imaginary government development plans. You have to research yourself and select a location that is truly well connected and provides all the amenities required for happy living.


No matter what you have heard and read before, just like everything you buy, there is always a scope for price negotiations while purchasing a villa. But there is a systematic process for the same. In the first meeting, build a rapport with the builder and understand the location of the property. Go back home and research about the property trends and pricing existing in the area. You can also do a research to find the most and least costly neighborhoods for purchasing a villa in Chennai. Now, return back to the builder for a second meeting and start negotiating about the prices or the locality.


Builders do not always adopt scrupulous ways to get a land. But that should not come back to haunt you in the future years. This is why it is important to go through all the legal and official documents of the property you are about to purchase. It would also be beneficial to hire a legal person to go through these documents before you take the final call.


The things you do during the property inspection make sure that you end up buying the best available villa. So, it is important to examine every corner of the property and put on your detective sense for the same. First of all judge the property for problems with termites or rodents infestation, fungus, moisture retention, etc. Check the garden, parking area, sides of doors and windows and the rooms with an eye for detail. Also make sure that the property would not be waterlogged during the monsoons.


Logically, all the beauty that you see around the villa comes at a cost. They are a part of the pricing. So, when you fall in love with a beautiful property, always listen to your mind. Do you really need such a lavish and scenic property for such high prices? Or can you easily fit into another property that might appear less appealing but comes at lower prices.


The builders and their agents are after quick sales. But you have every right to take your own good time. Hasty decisions, when there is such a lot of money at stake, is not the ideal way to go about it. If you need two, three or many more visits to the property location, just ask for it. Finalize on the property purchase only after you are completely satisfied.


Extra spaces cost you and going forward they would become a part of your maintenance tasks as well. So, a good idea would be to understand these extra spaces. If there is an area within the property, which has no use to you, just eliminate that or move over to some other property.


Some years down the line you might have the need to resale your villa for some other greater purpose. So, it is important to understand the property trends of the area and the resale value you can expect in the future years.

Hope we have been able to guide you about choosing the best villa builder in Chennai.

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