5 Important Vastu Tips For Buying New Apartment or Villa

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Vastu Tips for Buying a New Property (Apartment or Villa)

Though there are multiple things you look at while buying a home, including location, price and growth in the future, you need to be aware that the house is the best fit for you, considering a few other aspects such as vastu for apartments as well. Before you decide to buy a home, you should also consider basic vastu rules for flats or apartments. The Vastu is regarded as an ancient science that helps live peacefully in a given piece of land. When a home or apartment is constructed considering Vastu, the inhabitants in the home can live with wealth, happiness, prosperity and health.

Guess what? Vastu is typically a science that comprises and optimises the concepts of optics, engineering and acoustics. If you are planning to buy an apartment or home in Chennai, make sure that the property has abided by some of the basic principles of Vastu. For residents who buy/construct a home based on the principles of Vastu, it will bring home a lot of positive energy. Besides the basic directions, bathrooms, kitchen, and living rooms, there are many other factors to consider before buying a prosperous house. Here we have provided some Vastu tips for flats for you and your family. For all your queries like how to check vastu for flat, vastu for apartments facing east and vastu for apartments facing south, this blog will help you decide on buying a flat of your choice.

1. Direction of Home – Vastu for apartments

As per Vastu, a home should be constructed facing either the East or the Northside. With years of expertise, many Vastu experts suggest building on these sides for bringing positive effects into your home. Since we all want to live peacefully filled with joy, it is better to avoid constructing on any other side to experience adverse effects on homes. However, flats facing in the south-eastern side are also good for most people according to the name numerology. Whether you want to check vastu for apartments facing east or vastu for apartments facing south, you need to look into the details mentioned in the below paragraph

One of the critical factors in Vastu is the shape of the home or an apartment. Vastu experts suggest that a home’s shape should be rectangular or square. The shapes shall also be squarely facing in all 4 directions for bringing happiness and positive effects in your home. As per the principles of Vastu, the perfect length and breadth ratio of a home or apartment is from 1:1 to 1:2. If you are buying a new home for the first time or buying an apartment for your family, avoid buying irregularly constructed homes such as circular, triangular and oval in shape. A property with perfect corners and a square shape is the best fit for anyone wanting to buy a home or an apartment.

2. Shapes of Building/Home

As per Vastu experts’ suggestion, people are expected to choose between two common shapes while buying a home or an apartment, or looking for Vastu for apartments. These two shapes determine the entire well-being and prosperity of the residents who stay in the house. The first shape is Gaumukhi, which is broad at the back and narrow at the initial entry point. This shape is ideal for plots, where people can buy a property and construct a home of their requirements. The second shape is Shermukhi, which is narrow at the back and broad at the entrance. This shape is ideal for commercial properties. According to Vastu experts, extended corners are considered unsuitable for residential properties.

In addition to shapes, colour is one of the vital aspects while choosing an apartment. Experts suggest avoiding buying apartments painted in any of the dark colours. The primary reason for this principle is that dark colour radiates negative energy when they are in your walls, floor, ceiling or furniture. On the other hand, light colours including yellow, orange and pink can radiate positive energy in the home. Vastu experts prefer apartments painted in the above-mentioned light colours.

3. Vastu for different rooms – Vastu for apartments/vastu for flats

Guess what? As we split rooms that serve unique purposes, each room has different Vastu principles. Individuals buying a home/apartment must look into the principles before taking vital decisions on buying. It is ideal to consider a Vastu expert while purchasing your dream home. Below are some of the critical Vastu principles for your rooms in houses.

vastu for apartments’ Kitchen: The Kitchen is the most critical place in a home, and so it should be located as per the Vastu principles. Ideally, kitchens in the apartment/home should be located in the southeast part of the home. It is recommended to avoid buying a home where the kitchen is located in the south-eastern and south-western parts of the home.

vastu for apartments’ master bedroom: The master bedroom in a home must be located in the southwestern part of the home. This direction is highly preferred for people who are considered as the head of a home such as father, grandfather and other age-old people staying in the home, according to Vastu principles.

vastu for apartments’ kids’ room: Kids or children’s rooms are always a special place where they spend their ample time experimenting and exploring multiple things. Most Vastu experts suggest locating kids’ rooms in the northwestern part of the home. Besides, kids should lay down with their heads pointing towards the East or south for better peace of mind, and sound sleep.

vastu for flat/apartments’ washroom: According to Vastu principles, the bathroom or lavatory should be placed in the northwestern direction. It is advisable to avoid constructing or buying homes with washrooms/toilets built in any other direction.

vastu for flat/ apartments’ doors and windows: According to Vastu Shastra principles, each floor in a house or an apartment shall have an even number of windows and doors. At the same time, these even numbers must not have a zero at the end, for instance, 10 or 20 or 30.

4. Vastu for Flats’ Balcony and Toilet
The balcony is one of the important places in a home or an apartment where residents of all ages will spend some time in a day. Besides, this is the spot that can be used for relaxation, entertainment, gardening, viewing the outside environment and hearing birds chirping in the morning. As per vastu for apartments, the balcony should be located in the northeastern or northern part of the home. If you want to garden or put plants at the corner, then prefer having them in the northeastern direction. On the other hand, if you’re going to sit and relax, use seatings of shapes such as geometric or square, and prefer some earthy coloured seatings such as beige, yellow and green.

Bathrooms in the home must be located in the northeastern direction, and none of the bathroom walls must be in contact with the kitchen walls. According to Vastu principles, kitchen walls linked with bathroom walls bring negative energy into the home.

How to check vastu for flats’ bathroom?

All Mirrors should be placed on the eastern side.
Bathroom ground level must be higher than the other room’s ground level.
Place the geyser and water supply in different directions.
Paint the bathroom with light colours, including white.

5. Vastu for Ventilation and Tanks
Adequate sunlight and proper ventilation are vital elements for any home, and Vastu Shastra says the same. When a home allows sunlight to flow within, it brings positive energy into the house, and it radiates to people at home of all ages. On the other hand, it improves cash inflow in the home. These are some of the reasons why your house should be ventilated.

How to check vastu for flats’ tanks?

The waste/septic tank holds all the wastes that must be flushed out of the home. According to the Vastu principle, this wastes radiate negativity. If placed in the wrong place or in the direction, it can negatively affect people staying at home. As per the Vastu Shastra, all septic tanks must be placed in the northwestern direction of the house. It is recommended that these tanks not be in contact with compound walls.

Basic and Important vastu rules for flats/apartment

Here we cover some vital points and steps on how to check vastu for flat in general:

We all are fascinated to decorate our home with art pieces as per the design sense of each individual to create a theme for the house. But, according to Vastu Principles, no art pieces or decorative pieces on the walls should be placed on the North-eastern side of a flat/apartment/home
The south-western part of the home or apartment shall always be in a considerable amount of height with solid walls.
As we know, attached toilets are part of all homes now. Considering the basic Vastu principles, we should stick to (avoid) constructing or buying apartments with toilets facing south-western and north-eastern sides.
The kitchen is not just a place to cook delicious food and consume, but also an important place in the home that contributes to bringing positive energy within the home. According to Vastu for flats, a kitchen must be in the south-eastern or north-western part of a home.
The children’s room can be in the north-western part of the home/apartment.
Every house must have a space on the north-western side where the morning active activities can occur. On the other hand, if the home/apartment is an official space, then the head of the organisation has to be placed on the south-western side.
It is recommended to construct or buy a home/apartment with a main entrance on the north or eastern side.

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