10 Tips to Customize Your Own Independent Villas in Chennai

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No two people have the same aesthetic sense. What is awesome for one might be mundane for the other. Now, consider this scenario in terms of your house. Every homeowner wants to instil some personal elements and designs in a space that he/she would dwell in for many years to come. You want the guests to appreciate your aesthetic sense and not the one gifted to you by the villa builder!

This is why customization is the name of the game when it comes to independent villas in Chennai OMR or other areas around the metropolitan. The large canvas presented by the villas would aspire you to become an interior and exterior designer of sorts. Situated in beautiful locations, there are plenty of customization scopes that you would find after purchasing independent villas in Chennai OMR. But the real trick lies in how to plan out the customization tasks and what are the best practices. So, consider us to be your best friends and take some friendly customization advice from us. Here are some ways to turn your villa into a beautiful place.


Entrance is the first impression any guest or onlooker has about a house. So, it should be customized with great care. Cladding the outer part of the entrance with stones would give the entrance a luxurious look. You can erect two columns on either side and enhance the look with some small plants and flowers to bring in the cheerful factor. Wooden doors with dark colors appear elegant. You may also choose the ornamental varieties of entrance doors that are readily available in the market. Next, the guest walks in and finds a series of small steps leading to the actual villa. You have all the ingredients for a luxurious entrance.


Chandeliers are the best lighting option when you consider the large living rooms of villas. They are stylish and will never run out of fashion. Moreover, a chandelier installed in the middle of the room lights up the rooms ideally and helps you flaunt all the other interior decor elements that you have put together. Well, if the chandeliers appear to be too glamorous or costly, then there are of course other cosy lighting fixtures that you might ponder over. Today, the market is flooded with stylish lighting fixtures that do not burn a hole in your pocket.


Unlike the apartment complexes, independent villas in Chennai OMR are not crowded into a limited space. And that means there is plenty of light to play with. One of the best ways to utilize this light and also cut down on the electricity bills, is to install a skylight. There are various dimensions of skylights available, and you can choose the one that best matches your needs. Unlike popular belief, the skylights are not typically meant for only colder nations. They can help you get enough light as well as create a cosy effect within the rooms.


Vaastu Shastra might be an ancient principle but homeowners across India have plenty of respect for it. So, if you are one of those homeowners who wants your home to be perfect in terms of Vaastu principles, then customize the rooms and spaces accordingly. There would small tinkering needed, such as Vaastu states that the entrance gate of a house should be facing in North or East direction to welcome prosperity into the house. Similarly, the bedroom should have plenty of natural light and remain airy. This ensures good health.


Well, one of the highlights of independent villas in Chennai OMR is the space they have to design a perfect garden. Such properties are a dream come true for the gardening enthusiasts. Well, there are endless number of ways to design the perfect garden. But you have to first of all plan out what type of plants you want to focus upon. Do you want a flower garden or one that grows vegetable? Or maybe you want to plant some ornamental foliage. Complete the look of your garden with a cosy patio in between.


A garden-side patio or an area with a swing helps you relax and enjoy the true bliss of being a luxurious homeowner. You could also have a small gathering area that can be used to host outdoor parties when the time comes. You will get plenty of ideas for designing such small cosy spaces.


Okay, so you have learned a lot about beautification now it is the turn for some practical advice. The kitchen is that part of the house which gets messy at the earliest. And it is also that part of the property where you would inevitably face storage issues in the future. So, deck the kitchen up with plenty of storage spaces. So, you can opt for open kitchens which are more spacious and make the whole cooking experience an enjoyable one for all homemakers. It might look weird presently, but a few years down the line you would understand the worth of having so much storage space.


Just like the kitchen, your wardrobes would need scaling up in the future years too. Each year you would buy those stylish clothes and accessories. So, the wardrobes sitting in the house should be spacious and customized with an eye for the future years. It might look like a small thing, but after a few years pass you would find the extra shelves and drawers in the wardrobe to be such a boon.


Whether you want to have the staircase connecting your floors, inside the house or outside it completely depends on your future thoughts. If you have half an eye on renting a floor in the future years then having the stairs outside would help you make a smooth transition. If that is not what you want to do, a stylish staircase inside the house would be a good option.

#10: POOL IT UP!

With space and budget permitting, a swimming pool gives your independent villas in Chennai OMR that luxurious appeal. Make sure that the tiles and the colors used in the pool complement well with the overall exterior design of the villa. Also, have scopes for some poolside time.

Hope our customization ideas for your independent villas in Chennai OMR would help you attain the perfect look and feel for your property.

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