Why Is OMR The Best Location For Investing In Villas?

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1.Proximity to IT and ITES Hubs

Whether you want to live in a villa or rent it for working people, the location must be easily navigable and convenient for day-to-day errands, mainly for commuting offices. As most people prefer to work either in IT and ITES, OMR is becoming a popular spot. From Tidel Park to Sipcot IT Park, there are several IT organisations available, making it easier for people living in a villa in OMR, Chennai, to travel to their offices in a short span. What else could be the best thing when you can save time for travelling and spending happily with your families in one of the best and serene villas in Chennai (Isha Homes Villas).

Some of the profitable organisations in OMR are Cognizant, Tata Consultancy Services, Accenture, Infosys, Hexaware, and Wipro. A lot of new IT companies are in the process of setting their foot at the IT Corridor, OMR. This development will surge in the upcoming years and help OMR become a complete residential hub shortly.

2. Metro/Rail Projects

For any location to be a residential spot, on-road and rail public transport are considered a benchmark. We all know that public buses are available to the entire OMR stretch from most parts of the city. But the metro train facility is available only till Tidel Part (from the city). Guess what? The government has made plans to extent rail transport till Siruseri.

  • The twin metro rail (tunnels) construction covers over 1.3 km between SRP Tools and Thiruvanmiyur on OMR will soon begin in a few months.
  • The much-awaited metro rail map designed on OMR will be a 20 km stretch from Thiruvanmiyur to Siruseri SIPCOT. This project comprises 22 in between halt stations to link the neighbourhood residential sites to the IT hub in OMR. This is a part of the government’s phase-2 project, which will be completed by 2026.

If you are hesitant to react to Villa for sale in Chennai OMR, this prominent information could have left you dumbstruck.

3.An upward trend in growth to buy villas in Chennai, OMR

Buying a property or a home is often associated with the growth and safety of a particular location. Lately, the OMR location has been brimming with people and houses in large numbers. According to a survey, the population of Chennai city is expected to skyrocket (15 million) by 2030, which was 11 million in 2019.

Considering Chennai’s population has already reached a peak point, and some of them are already looking for residences outside the city (from Sholinganallur to Siruseri in OMR), the future population has to look out for the best villas in Chennai, in OMR, i.e.) in Perumbakkam, kelambakkam and Siruseri.

With the constant rise in demand, Isha Homes has understood people’s needs and has launched a new project that offers Villa for sale in Chennai OMR, which will be your surreal and most sought-after best villas in Chennai, OMR behind Sipcot IT Park.

4.Social life at OMR

The emerging population is growth-oriented, and they look for better social life in and around their home/villas. When it comes to OMR, the location is composed of top-notch hotels, posh cafes and restaurants, fabulous resorts and malls. These amenities enable OMR to be an attractive place to buy, live, and invest for future prospects. Apart from that, you can be surrounded by neighbours who are in similar growth-minded thoughts as yours to turn your residential place into a highly motivated, serene residence.

5.Educational Institutions in OMR

We often look for only present scenarios and amenities while on the lookout to buy villas in Chennai or even some of the best villas in Chennai. But, we should also focus on educational institutions for our children to travel from home in a short time seamlessly. Considering this, OMR is the best location as it has many prime educational institutions. Right from international schools to engineering colleges, medicine and art colleges, options are abundant. Guess what? In future, we can expect even more institutions, especially in Siruseri, considering the residential population across OMR.

Some of the notable colleges in OMR are:

  • Sathyabama Institute Of Science And Technology
  • St. Joseph’s College Of Engineering
  • SRR Engineering College
  • KCG College Of Technology
  • Hindustan University
  • MNM Jain College Of Engineering
  • Anand Institute Of Technology
  • Mohammed Shatak A.J Eng College
  • Thangavelu College Of Engineering
  • SSN College Of Engineering

Some of the notable schools in OMR are:

  • Gateway Group Of International School
  • Jeppiaar School
  • Psbb Millennium School
  • Apl Global School
  • Abacus Montessori Schools
  • Sangford Schools
  • Hiranandani Upscale School
  • Akshara Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  • Klay Prep Schools And Day Care

6.Good Rental Value for Villa for sale in Chennai OMR

When your sole purpose of buying a Villa in OMR Chennai is to rent and make money out of it, here is exciting news for you! A decade back, the rental value at OMR was over 50% lesser than what it is now. It directly states that current rental value has skyrocketed, especially for villas, as people started to live with families in OMR. If you buy the best villas in Chennai from Isha Homes today, you can yield reasonable rent out of them and in the next five years, these rental values can increase up to 25% based on the current real estate trend

7.Govt. Focused Developing Location

  • There are plans to build five flyovers over OMR to ensure the free flow of traffic during busy mornings. The project price is estimated to be ₹500 crores, and a design plan has been proposed on the same.
  • These flyovers may come at SRP Tools junction, Sholinganallur junction, Thoraipakkam Pallavaram Road junction, MGR Salai-OMR junction and Navalur.
  • The government is also planning to design an elaborated proposal for boosting the road network from Old Mahabalipuram Road to East Coast Road.
  • As per the government plan, a new strip will be developed on the sides of ECR and OMR (of up to 1,000 m) till the shores, north of Thiruvanmiyur (1,000 m), and south of the Metropolitan boundary at Navalur.

We hope that the above information will help you make a decision on buying villas in Chennai OMR. We, Isha Home, have been a reputed builder for over the years, assisting people in choosing affordable yet best villas in Chennai. Our new project is now available for you. Do you want to know more about this project? Contact us.


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