11 Benefits of Buying an Apartment in a Gated Community

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Back in the old days, there was a certain level of camaraderie in every locality, town, and village. Everyone used to know everyone; the kinship and bonds even among neighbours were strong. Those were the days when children played on the streets without fear with their marbles and spinning tops when the neighbours were like family and the sunlight hours were never wasted.

Times have changed.

Nowadays, people hardly know who they are living next to and the children have retreated indoors onto phones, computers, gaming consoles, and television sets. As bleak as that may sound at the first time of hearing, things are slowly taking a turn for the better. The importance of living in a community cannot be denied and that is one of the many reasons why gated communities are gaining more and more popularity today. In Chennai too there are several reputed gated communities like Casa Grande, Isha Homes, Alliance, and Appaswamy where homebuyers can find solace and a sense of community.

Living in a Gated Society

There are many advantages of living in a gated community when it comes to the social infrastructure and the institution of a residential society. You do have the option of investing in plots and getting your own home built or buying an already constructed home, but it is a well-known fact that a gated society has much more to offer in terms of safety, security, convenience, luxury, and even neighbours.

Here are some of the best advantages that come with living in a gated society: –

The Affinity

Many people move away from their hometowns to go to bigger cities for their careers. But a lot of them tend to feel lost among the crowds and when they miss home, they miss the closeness they used to enjoy with their friends, neighbours, and family. Living in a gated community offers you a chance to know your fellow residents and get a sense of affinity that you so cherish.


When you live in an individual home, the protection and safety of your family and home is your responsibility. However, one of the major benefits of living in a gated community is the safety and security measures that the society itself has in place to protect its residents. You have well-trained guards, entry and exit points with boom barriers, 24×7 CCTV surveillance, and so many other security measures in place.


This is where gated communities are the clear winner.

Festivals and celebrations are always better when you have your friends, family, and close ones with you. Gated societies always hold programmes and parties for all the festivals which give you the perfect chance to know your neighbours and build a sense of camaraderie with them, thereby ensuring that everyone has a great time.

Personal Growth

A gated society will have a great variety of residents from different parts of the country, following different cultures, speaking different languages. When you live in such a society, you get the unique chance of intermingling with different people and to learn about their culture which is great for your personal growth. This is especially true for children who grow up to be world-wise when they are exposed to a multi-cultural society in their childhood. Who knows, you and your kids may even end up learning a new language thanks to your neighbours!

Best for Retirees

At any gated society, you will be able to find a lot of senior citizens enjoying their retirement. With the closeness that comes with living in a gated society, there is a lot of convenience for senior citizens as well. They can come out of their homes and without having to travel long distances, and spend some quality time within the premises with their friends.

The Influence

A lot of people move away from their hometowns and settle down with their families in a new city. As a result, kids meet their grandparents quite irregularly. There are a lot of things and life lessons that grandparents can teach the children, and every parent would want their child to have that experience.

When living in a gated community, there will, of course, be many other families around and your kids will have many grandfather and grandmother figures in their lives. Kids will have a chance to learn those life lessons even when you aren?t able to visit your hometown very regularly.

Kids Play Areas

This advantage is nothing less than a game-changer in modern times. The importance of playing outside cannot be stressed enough, especially in these days where technology is taking over everywhere. In gated communities, not only can children find a lot of friends to spend time with, but they also have access to designated play areas where they can spend some much-needed outdoor time. Parents too can let their kids go out and play without worry as the security measures at gated societies ensure that the children are safe at all times.


Whether you are a housewife or have to go to work every day, your friends are always nearby when you live in a gated community. The ease in meeting your friends plays a significant role in you being more social. It is also a great stress buster when you can just relax with your close friends after a long day.

The Amenities

Life in a gated society comes with a number of amenities like a gym, clubhouse, badminton courts, etc. In a time when you are extremely busy with daily life, travelling to a gym or club can be quite an effort. However, in a gated community, all these amenities are well within reach, thus affording you the opportunity to lead a healthier life.

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Living in a gated community can offer you numerous advantages from practical advantages to emotional ones. Everything said and done, it provides you the wholesome lifestyle that everyone should experience to believe.

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