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Complete Guide To Buying A Apartment In Chennai – 18 point Check List

How to purchase the best Apartment in Chennai? Whether you are buying an apartment for the first time or buying to add to your investment portfolio, you need to be aware of which builder you are approaching. Though you can find all data about a builder with the tap of a button from your mobile, it is ideal to consider validating some of the significant 18 points mentioned below to buy an apartment in...

What is Undivided Share (UDS) and How to Calculate UDS?

When choosing a property, many buyers focus on factors like built-up area and attached amenities. However, the most critical factor in any real estate purchase – the land itself – is often overlooked, especially in the case of apartments. When an apartment is purchased, the buyer is allocated a certain amount of the land as their Undivided Share of Land (UDS). This share has no defined boundaries and...

What Happens To Your Home Loan If You Miss One Or Two EMI Payments?

So What is Community Living? Exclusive community living offers residents a sense of privacy and luxury, with high-quality buildings and facilities that are only accessible to those who live there. Outsiders are not allowed in so that these communities can feel like private clubs. For many people, the exclusivity of these places is part of the appeal – knowing that what is available to them is of a high...

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